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Iron Dome of the Sea

The Israeli Navy has completed a successful test of the Tamir Adir Missile Interceptor System, a sea-based version of the Iron Dome. The system will be able to shoot down short-range rockets to protect strategic assets at sea.

The Tamir Adir Missile Interceptor System was successfully tested by the Israeli Navy
The Tamir Adir Missile Interceptor System was successfully tested by the Israeli Navy

The test proved the ability of the «Iron Dome of the Sea» to operate on a highly dynamic, moving platform. During the test, multiple short-range rockets were fired from shore, all of which were classified as real threats by the Adir Radar System and targeted by the Tamir Weapon System.

«I can say all the threats shot toward our assets were targeted by the Adir radar – one of the most advanced naval radars that exists today – and interception was accomplished by Iron Dome», said Colonel Ariel Shir, the Israeli Navy’s Head of Combat Systems Development.

The system is capable of shooting down rockets similar to those launched from Gaza. The Tamir Adir Missile Interceptor System uses the same technology developed for Iron Dome, which was a game changer in Operation Protective Edge in 2014.

During the operation, it shot down Hamas rockets with a success rate of 90%. According to Colonel Shir, the test «proved the Israeli Navy’s ability to protect Israel’s strategic assets at sea against short-range strategic rockets».

The Tamir Adir system will work in conjunction with the Barak 8 Missile Defense System, which is designed to intercept sea-skimming missiles and defend against enemy aircraft. Together, they will protect Israel’s offshore assets, including natural gas rigs in Israel’s territorial waters. These gas rigs, 16 nautical miles/18.4 miles/29.6 km from the Gaza coast, have been unsuccessfully targeted by Hamas in the past.

The system, designed jointly by Israel Aerospace Industries, Rafael Industries, the Israel Ministry of Defense, and the Israeli Navy is prepared for its initial operational mission. It will soon be integrated, along with the Barak 8, for complete naval defense.

Meet the Iron Dome of the seas. The Tamir Adir Missile Defense System officially broke the land barrier with a successful interception on the high seas