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Finnish Missile Boat

Patria has delivered the first modernized Hamina class missile boat FNS Tornio to the Finnish Defence Forces. In the Mid-Life Upgrade (MLU) project four vessels will be overhauled and modernized, and all the new capabilities will be in use in the Finnish Navy during 2021. Patria acts as the prime contractor, designer and the lead system integrator.

Patria delivered the first modernized Hamina Class missile boat

The goal of the Mid-Life Upgrade project is to secure the service life of the vessels until 2030’s and to extend the vessels’ independent operation time. The project will also develop the Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and the surface defence capabilities with new features.

Modernization work include:

  • A BAE Systems Bofors 40 Mk4 40-mm main gun (replacing the 57-mm Mk3);
  • IAI Gabriel V anti-ship missile;
  • Saab Torpedo 47;
  • Saab trackfire remote weapon stations;
  • Saab 9LV combat management system;
  • Kongsberg ST2400 variable depth sonar.