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Fourth Constellation Frigate

The U.S. Navy on May 18, 2023 exercised a contract option for a fourth Constellation class guided-missile Frigate. FFG-65 will be built by prime contractor Fincantieri Marinette Marine (FMM). The contract option award was $526,293,001.

USS Constellation (FFG-62)
Navy Exercises Option for a Fourth Constellation Class Frigate

First-in-class USS Constellation (FFG-62) is in production in Marinette, Wisconsin, and sister ships USS Congress (FFG-63) and USS Chesapeake (FFG-64) are under contract.

The Constellation class will have multi-mission capability to conduct air warfare, anti-submarine warfare, surface warfare, electronic warfare, and information operations. Specifically, the FFG-62 class includes an enterprise air surveillance radar, Baseline Ten AEGIS combat system, a Mk-41 Vertical Launch System (VLS), communications systems, MK-57-gun weapon system countermeasures, and added capability in electronic warfare and information operations with design flexibility for future growth.

FMM on April 30, 2020, was awarded the contract for the design, construction and delivery of the first ten Constellation Class Frigates.

Program Executive Office Unmanned and Small Combatants (PEO USC) designs, develops, builds, maintains, and modernizes the Navy’s expanding family of unmanned maritime systems, mine warfare systems and small surface combatants.


Spec Sheet

Length Overall (LOA) 151.2 m/496.1 feet
Length Between Perpendiculars (LBP) 140.9 m/462.2 feet
Beam Overall 19.7 m/64.6 feet
Design Draft 5.5 m/18.0 feet
Installed Power 48,679 hp/35,803 kW
Service Life 25 years
Total Accommodations 200
Officer Berthing 24
Enlisted Berthing 176
LS Displacement WT (LT) 6,016 (6,112.6 tonnes)
KG (FT-ABL) 29.72
FL Displacement WT (LT) 7,291 (7,408 tonnes)
KG (FT-ABL) 26.74
CODLAG Propulsion Plant 1 × Gas Turbine
2 × Electric propulsion motors
4 × Ship service diesel generators
1 × Auxiliary propulsion unit
Combat System AEGIS B/L 10; AN/SPY-6(V)3; AN/SQQ-89(V)16; MK-48 Gun Weapon System
Hangar 1 × MH-60R, plus Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Armament 1 × MK-110 57-mm gun
32 × MK-41 Vertical Launch Systems
16 × Naval Strike Missile weapon systems
1 × MK-49 Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM)
4 × MK-53 MOD 9 Decoy Launching Systems
2 × AN-SLQ-32(V)6 CM (SEWIP) BLK II suites