Bell helicopters

Bell announced that PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI), has signed a purchase agreement with the Indonesian Army for nine Bell 412EPI helicopters.

Indonesian Army selects nine Bell 412EPI helicopters to fleet
Indonesian Army selects nine Bell 412EPI helicopters to fleet

Under the contract, Bell will deliver the nine helicopters to PTDI, who will then perform customization work before final delivery to the Indonesian Army. In 2016, Bell and PTDI signed an expanded Industrial and Commercial Agreement which enabled the two companies to expand their support and services in Indonesia to Bell helicopter operators.

Bell has been present in Indonesia for more than 50 years with an estimated 110 aircraft currently in operation. Bell’s presence in Indonesia includes a Bell-authorized service facility, a certified maintenance facility and dedicated customer service engineers located in Jakarta.



Velocity to Never Exceed (VNE) 140 knots/161 mph/259 km/h
Maximum Cruise 122 knots/140 mph/226 km/h
Range at Long Range Cruise Speed (VLRC) 363 NM/418 miles/672 km
Max Endurance 3.8 hrs
Standard Seating 1 + 14
Maximum Seating 1 + 14
Standard Fuel 331 US gal/1,251 litres
Auxiliary Fuel (Optional) 33 or 163 US gal/123 or 617 liters
Cabin Volume 220 feet³/6.2 m³
Aft (Baggage) Compartment Volume 28 feet³/0.8 m³
Empty Weight (IFR Standard Configuration) 7,071 lbs./3,207 kg
Maximum Gross Weight (Internal) 11,900 lbs./5,398 kg
Maximum Gross Weight (Internal, Optional) 12,200 lbs./5,534 kg
Useful Load (Internal, IFR Standard Configuration) 4,829 lbs./2,190 kg
Useful Load (Internal, Optional, IFR standard configuration) 5,129 lbs./2,190 kg
Cargo Hook Capacity 4,500 lbs./2,041 kg