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The first Constellation Class Guided Missile Frigate, a highly capable and survivable multi-mission warship, began construction August 31 at Fincantieri Marinette Marine shipyard in Marinette, Wisconsin. The start of construction follows a detailed Navy assessment of the maturity of the design and readiness of the shipyard to begin construction through a successful Production Readiness Review (PRR) milestone on July 20.

USS Constellation (FFG-62)
Navy Commences Construction of First Constellation Class Frigate

The future USS Constellation (FFG-62) is the lead ship of the Navy’s newest class of warships.

Constellation Class Frigates are a key component of the recently released Chief of Naval Operations Navigation Plan (NAVPLAN) 2022, which envisions a future hybrid fleet composed of 350 manned ships and approximately 150 unmanned ships.

The Constellation Class Frigate will «be capable of defending the fleet, striking adversary forces in all domains, and expanding interoperability with allies and partners», according to the NAVPLAN.

«Our team has worked tirelessly with industry partners to develop an innovative acquisition approach to efficiently procure and produce a 21st century frigate. The start of Constellation’s construction marks a key milestone on our path to build and deliver this new capability to the fleet», said Rear Admiral Casey Moton, Program Executive Officer, Unmanned and Small Combatants (PEO USC).

PEO USC oversees the Constellation Class Frigate program office (PMS-515) charged with the design, development and construction of the Navy’s newest warship class.

The new frigates are designed to operate in both open ocean and littoral environments, as part of a Carrier or Expeditionary Strike Group or a Surface Action Group. The ships will be equipped with proven technologies and systems already in use today, which will accelerate the timeline to get this new capability to the fleet.

«The Frigate program has worked diligently to minimize risks by selecting non-developmental systems and proven program of record equipment to meet our requirements, and by conducting this rigorous PRR», said Captain Kevin Smith, PMS-515 Program Manager.

The ships will aid the fleet by executing an array of missions, including Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), Surface Warfare, Electromagnetic Warfare/Information Operations (EW/IO) and Air Warfare.

«I am proud of the Government acquisition professionals and industry teammates for all their hard work to get the Constellation program to this milestone as we transition from design development to building the ship», said Smith. «Building a first of a class warship is an exciting moment».

The Mk110 gun system

BAE Systems has received a $26 million contract to equip the U.S. Navy’s Constellation class frigates with the fully-automatic 57-mm Mk110 naval gun.

USS Constellation (FFG-62)
57-mm Mk110 selected for U.S. Navy’s new Constellation-class frigates

The contract, awarded earlier this month, includes engineering support and calls for two Mk110s for the USS Constellation (FFG-62) and USS Congress (FFG-63). The new Constellation class of multi-mission guided-missile frigates is designed to operate in blue water and in the littorals, for an increased forward naval presence.

The Mk110 gun system, known internationally as the Bofors 57 Mk3, is the deck gun of choice for the Constellation class. It is a multi-mission, medium-caliber shipboard weapon, effective against air, surface, or ground threats without requiring multiple round types. The system is capable of firing up to 220 rounds per minute at an effective range of more than nine nautical miles using BAE Systems’ six-mode Programmable, Pre-fragmented, and Proximity-fused (3P) ammunition.

«The selection of the Mk110 for the U.S. Navy’s Constellation class frigates signifies confidence in the gun system and its ability to meet current and future needs in shipboard defense», said Brent Butcher, vice president of the weapon systems product line at BAE Systems «The Mk110 gun system provides this next-generation frigate with the continued performance that our surface fleet has come to expect from its intermediate caliber guns».

This contract also includes providing a Mk110 system to the U.S. Coast Guard’s third Argus Class Offshore Patrol Cutter, USCGC Ingham. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2023 under the contract with Naval Sea Systems Command Integrated Warfare Systems 3C (NAVSEA IWS).

The 57-mm Mk110 is currently in service on the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship and the U.S. Coast Guard’s National Security Cutter. To date, BAE Systems is providing 39 Mk110 guns to the Navy and 15 to the Coast Guard. Worldwide, 103 Mk110/57 Mk3 naval gun systems are under contract with nine nations.



Rate of fire 220 rounds/min
Maximum range >9 NM/10.36 miles/16.67 km
Ammunition capacity in gun 120 rounds
Time for loading rounds 3-5 minutes
Firing dispersion in remote control
Training (sigma-value) 0.4 mrad
Elevation (sigma-value) 0.4 mrad
Elevation −10° to +77°
Train Unlimited
Maximum elevating speed 44°/sec
Maximum elevating acceleration 115°/sec2
Maximum train speed 57°/sec
Maximum train acceleration 115°/sec2
Power supply 440-VAC
60-Hz 3-phase
Weight, complete without ammunition 14,960 lbs./6,800 kg
Life of air-cooled barrel >4,000 rounds