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Ocean-going tug

Construction began on the Navy’s newest towing, salvage and rescue ship, T-ATS-11 at Austal USA’s Mobile, Alabama shipyard, July 11.

Start of Construction Marked for T-ATS-11

The Navajo-class (T-ATS) provides ocean-going tug, salvage, and rescue capabilities to support fleet operations. T-ATS replaces and fulfills the capabilities that were previously provided by the Fleet Ocean Tug (T-ATF-166) and Rescue and Salvage Ships (T-ARS-50) class ships.

«It’s always a great Navy day when we start construction of a new ship to be used to do the Nation’s bidding», said Rear Admiral Tom Anderson, Program Executive Officer, Ships. «It’s an exceptional Navy day when the start of construction also marks the expansion of the shipbuilding industrial base, as it does today, as Austal puts its new facility to work building its very first steel ship, a Navajo-class Towing, Salvage and Rescue Ship, T-ATS-11».

Navajo-class ships will be Multi Mission Common Hull Platforms based on commercial offshore Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessels. T-ATS supports current missions including, but not limited to: towing, salvage, rescue, oil spill response, humanitarian assistance and wide area search and surveillance. They also enable future rapid capability initiatives, supporting modular payloads with hotel services and appropriate interfaces.

T-ATS-11 marks the first steel ship in Austal’s ship construction program. Austal is also contracted to build T-ATS-12, with options for additional ships.

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