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Piranha in Paris

General Dynamics European Land Systems will display the new Piranha 3+ vehicle during EUROSATORY in Paris from 16-20 June 2014. With a GVW up to 27 tons, the new Piranha 3+ will be presented in an Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) configuration with dedicated seating for a crew of three (driver, gunner and vehicle commander) plus 9 infantry soldiers and is fitted with a Kongsberg 12.7-mm Protector Weapon Station.

General Dynamics European Land Systems Presents the new Piranha 3+ – the next Generation of Piranha 3 Wheeled Armored Vehicle
General Dynamics European Land Systems Presents the new Piranha 3+ – the next Generation of Piranha 3 Wheeled Armored Vehicle

The new Piranha 3+ was developed in response to customer requirements for increased levels of protection, off road mobility and inherent growth for the future. The new Piranha 3+ vehicle also incorporates lessons from over 4,500 Piranha 3 and Light Armored Vehicles (LAV) operated by 13 customers worldwide including in military operations and peace keeping missions.


Piranha 3+ – Protection

The new Piranha 3+ offers a completely modular protection system that has been designed with the flexibility to allow modern armed forces to meet their current and future protection needs. The modular protection system has been developed to fully protect occupants operating within a complex threat environment, as specified in the latest protection system requirements, while being able to be tailored to meet specific theatre and mission needs.


Piranha 3+ – Mobility

General Dynamics European Land Systems recognizes that mobility is protection and accordingly, the new Piranha 3+ offers an enhanced drive system with 30% more engine power and an improved driveline that delivers the best cross country mobility for a vehicle in this weight class. The new Piranha 3+ can be fitted with either a conventional or a hydro-pneumatic suspension system to balance performance, comfort, maintainability and cost as needed. The top speed has been increased to 68 mph/110 km/h with a range of over 621 miles/1,000 km to give the vehicle an even greater autonomy. As with all Piranha platforms, the new Piranha 3+ can be equipped with an amphibious drive to operate as a marine infantry vehicle.


Piranha 3+ – Inherent Growth

In addition to the large internal volume, ten percent payload growth, and fully modular protection system, the new Piranha 3+ provides reserve electrical power to meet the electrical needs of future systems and personal equipment needs and spare cooling capacity with its modular Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)/ Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) System. By allowing for inherent growth within the new Piranha 3+, customers will have the flexibility to operate the vehicle through-out the full service life in a constantly changing world.


Piranha 3+ – Proven Technology ready for operation

The new Piranha 3+ has a proven heritage of over 4,500 Piranha 3 and LAV vehicles used by 13 customers in global military operations and peace keeping missions. The development of the new Piranha 3+ focused on enhancing the performance and capabilities of these existing vehicles through the integration of proven concepts and technologies. The driveline which is unmatched in this class of military vehicles has already been introduced into service in the LAV in North America. While the power pack, providing 30% more power, uses the proven Caterpillar C13 engine and the ZF 7HP902S transmission. Future customers will also be able to leverage off 37 variants of the Piranha 3 vehicle that are already in service including Armored Personnel Carrier, Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), command and control, ambulance, direct fire support, recovery and engineering vehicle.

General Dynamics European Land Systems company also remains committed to support existing customers which is why the majority of the concepts and technologies integrated within the new Piranha 3+ are available as upgrades to existing Piranha vehicles.

With modular protection system, available in amphibious or nonamphibious version, ergonomically designed and easy to operate, provides outstanding overall protection and crew comfort
With modular protection system, available in amphibious or nonamphibious version, ergonomically designed and easy to operate, provides outstanding overall protection and crew comfort


Product Features

Ready for operation empty 17 t
Payload up to 10 t
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) up to 27 t
Overall length (non amphibious) 7.77 m/25.5 feet
Height over hull 2.31 m/7.6 feet
Overall width 2.8 m/9.2 feet
Ground clearance 0.43 m/1.4 feet
Angle of approach 40°
Angle of departure 36°
Number of seats up to 13
Air transportability C-130, C-17, A400M
Maximum speed on roads 68 mph/110 km/h
Speed in water up to 6 mph/10 km/h
Creep speed below 1.9 mph/3 km/h
Gradient 60%
Maximum side slope 30%
Maximum climbing ability 0.60 m/1.9 feet
Fording depth 1.50 m/4.9 feet
Trench crossing ability 2.00 m/6.5 feet
Turning circle diameter (curb-to-curb) 18.00 m/59 feet
Range on roads 750 km/466 miles
Voltage (DC) 24 V
Power-to-weight-ratio 15.3 kW/t
Type Caterpillar C13
Fuel Diesel (F-54) or jet fuel (F34/JP8)
Performance 383 kW/513 hp
Torque 2,200 Nm
Type ZF
Transmission automatic
Speeds 7 + 2 reverse
Transfer case single speed gear
Drive mode 4×8
Wheels and tires 365/85R20, 395/85R20 or 14.00 R20 with Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS), run-flat inserts
Suspension Independent for each wheel, front coil springs and control arms rear torsion bars; conventional standard, hydro-pneumatic optional
Shock absorbers hydraulic on all wheels
Brakes dual circuit air actuated brake system, Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)
Modular, scalable ballistic/Mine/Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and Rocket-Propelled Grenade (RPG) protection solutions in accordance with international/customer specific standards
Signature reduction
Seawater cooling system
Closable louvers of engine grills
Water propulsion 2 propellers
Steering control 2 twin rudders
Trim van and snorkel system
Bilge pumps
Integration of various weapon systems from remotely controlled weapon stations up to 120-mm heavy turrets and mortars
Operation temperature -46° C to +49° C
Electro-Magnetic Interference/Compatibility Standard (EMI/EMC) according to MIL-STD-461E
Combined Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC)/Air conditioning system
Fire extinguishing system for engine and crew compartment
Further equipment options available including: J1939 Automotive CANBUS with MILCAN interface; Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS); Self-recovery winch; Auxilliary Power Unit