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Patria for Emirates

The General Headquarters of the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Armed Forces has ordered Patria Armoured Modular Vehicle (AMV) 8×8 armoured wheeled vehicles. All details of the contract are classified.

Patria’s products and services are NATO-compatible and are customised on an individual, customer-by-customer basis
Patria’s products and services are NATO-compatible and are customised on an individual, customer-by-customer basis

«This is a magnificent extension for the ongoing, successful co-operation between the UAE Armed Forces and Patria. UAE Armed Forces have been very satisfied with their existing AMV vehicles as they meet all the customer’s needs and are suitable for the needed, challenging circumstances. These vehicles will be produced by our Polish partner in a very tight time schedule. The agreement done now is very significant for Patria, and we are excited about this and looking forward to providing the vehicles», says Mika Kari, President of Patria Land business unit.

Patria AMV offers effective protection, increased mobility, modularity and combat proven performance. The vehicle’s structural solutions enable high payload capacity, high level of protection and integration of heavy weapon systems. Patria AMV has received excellent feedback from customers for its performance in combat and crisis management operations in Afghanistan and Chad. Patria has contracts for over 1,400 Patria AMV vehicles.


Patria AMV (Armoured Modular Vehicle)

Patria AMV product family combines high payload capacity with the latest technology. These features enable simultaneous integration of a high level of protection with heavy weapon systems without compromising mobility of the vehicle.

Patria works in close cooperation with its customers and its extensive network of international industrial partners
Patria works in close cooperation with its customers and its extensive network of international industrial partners

Patria AMV 8×8 has been developed to provide optimal modularity of components and to be adaptable for a wide range of versions without changing basic vehicle systems. Patria AMV is available in three different models.

  1. Basic model provides the platform for following variants: Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), command vehicle, ambulance, reconnaissance vehicle, Anti-Tank Guided Missile vehicle (ATGM), Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle (ARRV), and finally, the 120-mm Patria Nemo mortar system.
  2. High Roof Model provides extra space at the rear of the vehicle (13.4 inch/34 cm higher than the basic model), which is ideal if the vehicle is used as a command, Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I), ambulance or workshop vehicle.
  3. Heavy Weapon Platform has been optimised to carry large-calibre weapon systems such as the 120-mm AMOS mortar system or the 105/120-mm cannon (MGS).

All previously mentioned 3 models and all their variants of AMV are available as 15.7 inch/40 cm stretched vehicle.

AMV offers the best ballistic protection level in its class, providing front sector protection against Armour-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding-Sabot (APFSDS) rounds up to 30-mm and excellent defence against Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFPs) as well as TNT mines of up to 22 lbs/10 kg. Vehicle’s high payload capacity allows a variety of weapon systems to be integrated into the vehicle, starting from 7.62-mm machine guns and extending to a 105/120-mm cannon and a 120-mm AMOS/Patria Nemo mortar system.


Patria AMVXP

The latest version of AMV product family is Patria AMVXP, which is built on the success of Patria AMV and sets a new standard for the future 8×8 armoured wheeled vehicles. Spacious interior and high payload carrying capability provide a platform for future customer variants, allowing the simultaneous integration of weapon systems, protection and crew equipment. Patria AMVXP is also available as 15.7 inch/40 cm stretched vehicle.

Patria’s expertise is based on decades of experience and major investment in product development
Patria’s expertise is based on decades of experience and major investment in product development


Technical Specifications

Length 27.56 feet/8.4 m
Height over hull 7.87 feet/2.4 m
Width 9.19 feet/2.8 m
Track width 8.2 feet/2.5 m
Maximum payload 28,660 lbs/13,000 kg
Maximum combat weight 66,139 lbs/30,000 kg
Maximum speed >62 mph/100 km/h
Climbing capacity 60%
Side slope, maximum 30%
Obstacle 2.3 feet/0.7 m
Trench crossing 6.9 feet/2.1 m
Swimming (optional) 3.7-6.2 mph/6-10 km/h
Fording 5.9 feet/1.8 m
Operating distance 373-621 miles/600-1000 km
Modular ballistic, mine and IED-protection system according to customers’ requirements. Readiness for future protection technologies as well as future soldier equipment
Latest generation 530 Amp generator feeding the future electric power needs
High performance, maintenance free driving lights
Power output 603 hp/450 kW
Torque output 2,250 Nm
Engine type 6 inline
Automatic 7+1 gears
Drive axles All wheel drive
ITCS Integrated Terrain Control System
Brakes Hydraulically operated disc brakes with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
CTIS Central Tyre Inflation System
Suspension type Fully independent suspension with double wishbone on every wheel station
Spring type Hydropneumatic elements, height adjustment optional
Steering type Hydraulically assisted steering with mechanical linkage for 1st and 2nd axle, rear axle steering optional


The armoured wheeled vehicles and mortar systems developed by Patria represent the latest technology in the industry


Patria AMV XP sets a new standard for the future armoured wheeled vehicles


Land 400 Phase 2

BAE Systems has offered a highly protected armoured vehicle integrated with a combat proven turret as the solution that will best meet the Australian Army’s mounted combat reconnaissance requirements. As prime contractor, the Company has teamed with Patria to offer the AMV35 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV) under Phase 2 of the Land 400 Program.

Patria AMV provides the ideal Military-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) option
Patria AMV provides the ideal Military-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) option

The solution combines Patria’s Armoured Modular Vehicle (AMV) and BAE Systems Hägglunds’ E35 turret system. Both are qualified and in service with NATO nations.

The Patria AMV has been selected by seven nations with more than 1,400 contracted vehicles. The platform has attained a strong combat reputation, chiefly based on the strength of its operational performance with the Polish Army in Afghanistan.

The BAE Systems-Hägglunds manned turret system is fitted to the successful CV90 family of Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV) operated by seven nations. It has been used on UN and NATO missions across the globe, including Afghanistan. The unique features of the E35 turret provide the AMV35 with real battlefield advantage for Australian soldiers through game-changing levels of accuracy and weight of fire.

BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive Glynn Phillips said: «The AMV35 is an outstanding combat reconnaissance platform that integrates BAE Systems-Hägglunds’ E35 turret onto a modern, agile, highly protected Patria Armoured Modular Vehicle (AMV), both of which have attained a fearsome reputation based on their operational performance in Afghanistan. It represents a low risk and affordable step change in protection, mobility and firepower for the Australian Army in any future operations. We look forward to being the given the chance to demonstrate the exceptional capabilities of this armoured vehicle system».

If selected, the BAE Systems/Patria team will manufacture and support the AMV35 in Australia, securing and retaining in-country capability, and contributing significantly to the Australian economy throughout the expected 30+ year life of the vehicles.

The BAE Systems-led team is committed to ensuring a high level of Australian content and industry capability development. The decision to manufacture the vehicle in Australia assures that there will be opportunities for involvement and content for Australian suppliers.