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The 1st Taigei Class

According to Naval News, the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF) commissioned the submarine JS Taigei (SS-513) the lead submarine of the Taigei-class, with a ceremony at the Kobe Shipyard of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

JS Taigei (SS-513)
JMSDF commissions the 1st Taigei Class Submarine

The event was posted on the official Twitter account of the JMSDF on March 09. JS Taigei (SS-513) (previously known as 29SS) is the first submarine of its class, and its name means «Great Whale» in Japanese and was once used as the name of a submarine tender of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Taigei was officially launched on October 14, 2020, and entered service 17 months later.

The external appearance of the Taigei is not much different from the Sōryū-class, but inside of it is a completely different submarine. First, the Taigei uses lithium-ion batteries instead of the 4V-275R Mk-III Air-Independent Propulsion (AIP) system, which was installed aboard the first 10 Sōryū-class submarines.

Secondly, the capabilities of the sonar and combat command system have been improved, as well as the use of new acoustic absorbent materials and a floating floor structure to make it quieter. It is also equipped with Torpedo Counter Measures (TCM), which ejects decoys to evade enemy torpedoes for improved survivability.

The JS Taigei (SS-513) will be used as a test submarine, according to the «National Defense Program Guidelines for FY 2019 and beyond» published in December 2018. In other words, Taigei will be the dedicated ship to conduct all future tests of technology on JMSDF submarines.


Key Specifications

Standard Displacement about 3000 tons
Length 84 meters/275.6 feet
Total width 9.1 meters/30 feet
Crew about 70
Propulsion Diesel Electric Propulsion (with lithium-ion batteries)