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Maritime patrol

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) introduces the new generation ELI-3360 Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) based on a modified Bombardier Global 5000 business-jet platform.

IAI's new generation ELI-3360 Maritime Patrol Aircraft
IAI’s new generation ELI-3360 Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Designed by IAI’s ELTA Group to provide maritime domain situational awareness and maritime superiority, the new MPA provides the most sophisticated surveillance, reconnaissance and armament systems to be installed on a business-jet to date.

The system incorporates the advanced ELTA ELM-2022 Maritime Patrol Radar, an electro-optical sensor, the ELL-8385 ESM/ELINT (Electronic Support Measures/Electronic Intelligence) system, and a comprehensive communications suite comprising radios, broadband SATCOM (Satellite Communications) and data-links as well as advanced Electronic Warfare (EW) and self-protection Suite.

The integrated multi-mission Command & Control Suite includes multi-purpose operator workstations and a weapon and stores management system, which controls the under-wing weapons that may include torpedoes and anti-ship missiles for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Anti Surface Warfare (ASuW) as well as dispensable Search & Rescue (SAR) stores.

The new generation ELI-3360 joins IAI’s series of Special Mission Aircraft (SMA), and is based on IAI’s 30 years of experience in supplying advanced maritime domain sensors and integrated systems to leading customers worldwide. IAI’s line of business-jet SMA includes the operationally proven Gulfstream G550 Conformal Airborne Early Warning (CAEW), and the G-V Signal Intelligence Aircraft (SEMA) – the world’s first business-jet based mission aircraft.

Since IAI’s pioneering conception of business-jet SMA, the SMA market has moved steadily over the past decade towards cost-effective business jets. High endurance, speed, range and multi-mission versatility of such SMAs is unmatched by large commercial transport aircraft or turbo-props.

«IAI provides leading-edge airborne, maritime and land-based solutions for persistent maritime reconnaissance and surveillance», said Nisim Hadas, IAI Executive VP and ELTA President. «This allows our customers a choice of the right combination of ISR assets to meet their operational needs. The new business-jet based MPA, in concert with UAS and shore-based systems will provide unmatched maritime domain superiority for the benefit of our customers».

«We are delighted that IAI ELTA continues to put their confidence in the Global 5000 aircraft, relying on the platform to host its integrated mission solutions», said Stephane Villeneuve, Vice President, Specialized Aircraft, Bombardier. «With its superior operational capabilities, the Global 5000 aircraft is the ideal choice for IAI ELTA’s next generation Maritime Patrol Aircraft».

Bombardier's Global 5000 aircraft is now FAA and EASA 'steep approach certified'
Bombardier’s Global 5000 aircraft is now FAA and EASA ‘steep approach certified’


Bombardier Global 5000

The Global 5000 business jet is designed to deliver optimized comfort, speed and range. It is unsurpassed in its class, with superior cabin spaciousness, technologies and aesthetics. It’s extraordinary short-field and non-stop transcontinental capabilities, combined with its leading-edge flight deck reduce pilot workload and increase situational awareness giving unprecedented peace-of-mind. Grace, power and levels of performance without compromise.




Passengers: 12 (standard configuration)


Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR710A2-20 turbofans

Thrust: 14,750 lb/6,691 kgf/65.6 kN

Flat rated to ISA + 20°C

Avionics and cabin communication

Bombardier Vision flight deck

Four Large Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display Screens

Head-Up Display System, Enhanced Vision System and Synthetic Vision System

Graphical Flight Planning

Weather Radar with enhanced functionality like windshear detection

Latest Performance Based Navigation:

  • Wide Area Augmentation System;
  • LPV (Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance) Approach;
  • RNAV (Area Navigation), En-route RNP & RNP AR (Required Navigation Performance Authorization Required) Approaches.

Controller Pilot Data Link Communication

Onboard Maintenance System

Datalink, High Speed SATCOM

Bombardier Global 5000 aircraft boasts advanced avionics and systems technologies
Bombardier Global 5000 aircraft boasts advanced avionics and systems technologies




At M 0.85:                                                     5,200 NM/9,630 km

* Theoretical range with NBAA IFR (National Business Aviation Association Instrument Flight Rules) Reserves, ISA (International Standard Atmosphere), 8 pax/3 crew. Actual range will be affected by speed, weather, selected options and other factors.


High-speed:                                                   0.88 Mach/504 KTAS*/934 km/h

Typical cruise speed:                                0.85 Mach/487 KTAS*/902 km/h

* Knots True AirSpeed

Airfield performance

Takeoff distance (SL, ISA, MTOW*):      5,540 feet/1,689 m

Landing distance (SL, ISA, MLW**):        2,670 feet/814 m

* Maximum Gross Takeoff Weight

** Maximum Landing Weight

Operating altitude

Maximum operating altitude:                    51,000 feet/15,545 m

Initial cruise altitude (MTOW):                 41,000 feet/12,497 m




Length:                                                                     96 feet 10 in/29.5 m

Wingspan:                                                              94 feet 0 in/28.7 m

Wing area:                                                              1,021 feet2/94.9 m2

Height:                                                                      25 feet 6 in/7.7 m


Cabin length:                                                         40 feet 9 in/12.41 m

(From cockpit divider to most aft cabin without baggage compartment)

Cabin width centerline:                                   7 feet 11 in/2.41 m

Cabin width floorline:                                       6 feet 6 in/1.98 m

Cabin height:                                                          6 feet 2 in/1.88 m


Maximum ramp weight:                                   92,750 lb/42,071 kg

Maximum takeoff weight:                               92,500 lb/41,957 kg

Maximum landing weight:                               78,600 lb/35,652 kg

Maximum zero fuel weight:                            58,000 lb/26,308 kg

Typical basic operating weight:                    50,861 lb/23,070 kg

Maximum fuel weight:                                        39,250 lb/17,804 kg

Maximum payload:                                               7,139 lb/3,238 kg

Their revolutionary transonic wing, designed for speed and to reduce the effect of turbulence, makes them faster and more stable than any business jet in their class
Their revolutionary transonic wing, designed for speed and to reduce the effect of turbulence, makes them faster and more stable than any business jet in their class