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According to Defense-aerospace.com, a new multi-mission frigate, in anti-submarine version, has joined the ranks of the Navy. Very versatile, stealthy and with a strike capability that is unique in Europe, the FREMMs are the backbone of the surface fleet in the different fields of naval combat.

France receives Bretagne, its fifth FREMM frigate
France receives Bretagne, its fifth FREMM frigate

On 18 July 2018, the Directorate-General for Armaments (DGA) received the frigate Bretagne, the 5th multi-mission frigate (FREMM) for the French Navy. The FREMM program is conducted within the Joint Organization for Cooperation on Armament Programs (OCCAR), in cooperation with Italy.

The program allows the renewal of the frigate component of the surface navy, with eight major vessels that will form the backbone of the surface fleet. The FREMMs, designed, developed and maintained by Naval Group, are the only Western European frigates to be armed with naval cruise missiles.

The 2019-2025 military program law provides for the delivery of the sixth anti-submarine frigate (Normandy) in 2019 and the last two ships of the series (Alsace and Lorraine), with enhanced air defense capabilities, in 2021 and 2022. It also provides for the strengthening of naval forces with the entry into service by 2025 of the first 2 frigates of intermediate size (FTI) and the refit and modernization of three La Fayette-class frigates.

The FREMM, crewed by 105 sailors, all highly qualified men and women, is a stealthy ship, multi-mission, enduring and flexible of use, and equipped with advanced automatisms. In its anti-submarine warfare version, its main mission is the control of an area of maritime operation, on the surface and under the sea, as well as long-range precision strike with the naval cruise missile (MdCN), and support for deployed and power projection operations.

Its weapon system includes the Caiman Marine, a multi-role combat helicopter with a particularly advanced anti-submarine capability. The FREMM-Cayman pair represents a leap in the field of submarine warfare. The FREMM is also equipped with the ECUME, the new tactical boat used by marine commandos.

Until 2022, the completion of the FREMM program will be a very significant part of the activity of Naval Group on its site in Lorient and that of many subcontractors, mainly SMEs.

The 2019-2025 Military Program Law, which was promulgated on July 13, 2018, provides for an accelerated effort to modernize the equipment of the armed forces.



Overall length 142 m/466 feet
Width 20 m/65.6 feet
Displacement 6,000 tonnes
Maximum speed 27 knots/31 mph/50 km/h
Range 6,000 NM/6,905 miles/11,112 km at 15 knots/17 mph/28 km/h
Implementation 108 persons (including the helicopter detachment)
Accommodation capacity 145 persons


DCNS floated Bretagne

On 16 September 2016, DCNS floated the FREMM multi-mission frigate Bretagne in Lorient, France. The achievement of this industrial milestone marks an important step in the construction of the vessel. It once again underlines the dynamism of DCNS and its capacity to deliver six FREMM frigates to the French Navy before mid-2019, in accordance with the Military Programming Law 2014-2019.

DCNS floats a new FREMM Frigate
DCNS floats a new FREMM Frigate

DCNS has now floated the FREMM Bretagne on its Lorient site, the seventh frigate in the programme and fifth in the series ordered by OCCAR (L’Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en Matière d’Armement) on behalf of the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) for the French Navy.

This floating, six months after the delivery of the FREMM Languedoc on 16 March 2016, demonstrates DCNS’s capacity to carry out efficient series production, ensuring that it can deliver six frigates to the French Navy before mid-2019.

The FREMM programme is advancing rapidly. Five FREMM frigates were already delivered between 2012 and 2015: three for the French Navy and two for international clients, the Royal Moroccan Navy and the Egyptian Navy.

Three FREMM frigates and one Gowind corvette are currently under construction and at different completion stages at the DCNS site of Lorient:

  • FREMM Auvergne, which will start sea trials at the end of September 2016.
  • FREMM Bretagne, floated today.
  • FREMM Normandie, for which assembling is about to start.
  • The first Gowind corvette, floated on 17 September 2016.

For DCNS, the completion of the FREMM programme will represent the construction of ten frigates, eight of them for the French Navy. In addition to the six frigates to be delivered by 2019, there will be two further frigates with strengthened anti-air capacities which will be delivered before end 2022.



Total length 466 feet/142 m
Width 65.6 feet/20 m
Displacement 6,000 tonnes
Maximum speed 27 knots/31 mph/50 km/h
Operation 108 persons (including helicopter detachment)
Accommodation capacity 145 men and women
Cruising range at 15 knots/17 mph/28 km/h 6,000 nautical miles/6,905 miles/11,112 km