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Combat Boat

The first out of 18 of the all-new CB90 HSM has been delivered to the Swedish Defense Material Administration (FMV). A brand new boat, equipped with a lot more than its predecessors: improved speed and maneuverability – as well as attack power and surveillance capabilities.

Meet the new Combat Boat from Saab

With more than 250 sold boats operating worldwide, CB90 has been a success story since the first boat was commissioned. Recently a new model of the proven concept was delivered to FMV; CB90 HSM. The following months another 17 boats will be delivered from Dockstavarvet, part of Saab.

Even though it looks similar to its predecessors on the outside, the inside is vastly modified.

An all-new driveline including an adjusted placement of the engine makes the point of gravity optimized, which in turn makes the boat even more stable, faster and a lot more silent. Combined with new jets run on a higher efficiency the total efficiency is greatly increased – as well as the ergonomics and crew comfort.

«The principles are the same, but with stronger engines everything becomes even more impressive. We’ve managed to overcome the speed demand by several knots», said Andreas Nordstrand, project manager at Dockstavarvet, Saab.

Add to that new combat management system and sensors for surveillance and attack power through the Trackfire system, CB90 HSM is indeed a whole new breed, ready to take on the coasts of Sweden.


Trackfire – giving CB90 HSM an edge

The unique configuration of Trackfire provides a Stabilized Independent Line Of Sight (SILOS). As the independently stabilized Sensor Module is decoupled from the weapons axes (and hence isolated from weapon recoil effects), the operator is able to maintain the line of sight on the target, thereby greatly reducing target acquisition times.

The Trackfire system also allows greatly improved surveillance capabilities through IR cameras.

Furthermore, this configuration enables a target to be continuously lased during the engagement sequence; thereby providing a true comprehensive ballistic calculation including 3D target prediction.

«We’re looking at completely new capabilities. While the older versions are very fine boats, they are more like transportation vehicles in comparison to the new model, taking troops from one point to another. With these upgrades we have completely new operational capabilities in terms of surveillance, fire power, tactical awareness and the ability to act when needed», said Fredrik Hyllengren, project manager at FMV.


A close cooperation

As in all cases of building vessels for the Swedish Navy, CB90 HSM is a result of a close cooperation between Saab’s Dockstavarvet and FMV, something that Andreas Nordstrand means really brings the best out of us as a supplier.

«The list and level of demands push us to deliver accordingly – as best as we can. I think of it as a win-win situation. The end user is always a part of the process, making sure standards are met, in this case the Naval Warfare Centre and the Amphibious Battalion. This is a good product and the teamwork between all parties involved has been great, everyone has been humble and truly worked together. This is the reason for the successful outcome; a great cooperation», said Fredrik Hyllengren.


Specs Combat boat 90 HSM

Light 18 tons
Maximum Displacement 24.5 tons
Total length 16.3 meters/53.5 feet
Length hull 14.9 meters/48.9 feet
Beam 3.8 meters/12.5 feet
Draught 0.9 meters/2.9 feet
Speed and range
Maximum speed with maximum load 45 knots/52 mph/83 km/h
Cruise Speed at Sea state 1 or less 38 knots/44 mph/70 km/h
Range at cruise speed 300 NM/345 miles/555 km
Engines 2 × 900 HP/671 kW, Scania Diesel V8
Water jet S32 Mix flow