The sixth FREMM

FS Normandie (D651), the sixth European multi-mission frigate (FREMM) of the eight ordered by the French Navy, was admitted to active service by the Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Christophe Prazuck, on June 3, 2020.

The French Navy’s latest frigate, FS Normandie (D651), was admitted to active service on Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Built in Lorient, the FS Normandie (D651) started her sea trials in February 2019. She was handed over to the French Navy on July 16, 2019, a few weeks after sailing to her home port of Brest.

In mid-December, FS Normandie (D651) left Brest to begin her long-term deployment (DLD). During this deployment, she participated in numerous exercises with the Allied navies: cross exercises and C2X operational preparation by integrating the Carrier Strike Group 10 (CSG 10) of the US 2nd Fleet and participating in Exercise TG20 in Norway involving the NATO forces of the Standing NATO maritime group one (SNMG1).

She also tested the Link 22, the new secure and ruggedized standard for exchanging tactical information between military units. Concluding her long-term cruise in March 2020, FS Normandie joined the carrier strike group for the «Foch 2020 mission».

Admitted today to active service, FS Normandie (D651) has become part of the naval action force. Her name honors the memory of all those who died in June 1944 on the Normandy beaches, sacrificing their lives for the benefit of freedom. Her pennant brings to life the Viking spirit, that of the people who came by drakkar to conquer the Normandy region, and which encourages sailors to go forward together, as a crew.



Total length 466 feet/142 m
Width 65.6 feet/20 m
Displacement 6,000 tonnes
Maximum speed 27 knots/31 mph/50 km/h
Operation 108 persons (including helicopter detachment)
Accommodation capacity 145 men and women
Cruising range at 15 knots/17 mph/28 km/h 6,000 nautical miles/6,905 miles/11,112 km