Anti Torpedo Torpedo

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK CANADA Ltd announced on April 12, 2019, an agreement with Magellan Aerospace Corporation for the design and development phase of the SeaSpider Anti Torpedo Torpedo (ATT) program. The initial CDN $19 million phase of the program was launched in January 2019 and is expected to conclude in 2023. Magellan will lead the design and development of the SeaSpider ATT rocket motor and warhead sections of the torpedo that includes design, build, test, and product qualification.

Surface Ship Torpedo Defence Trial System on a WTD 71 multipurpose vessel
Surface Ship Torpedo Defence Trial System on a WTD 71 multipurpose vessel

SeaSpider ATT is a new naval defence product by German ATLAS ELEKTRONIK, a company of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, that can be utilized by surface vessels and submarines for «hardkill» defence against attacking torpedoes. The capability of SeaSpider is a marked improvement over currently available anti-torpedo systems that reply on decoy and jammer countermeasures rather than, like SeaSpider, on destroying the attacking torpedo. This technology has initially been developed in Germany by ATLAS ELEKTRONIK together with the German Ministry of Defence and now gains a Canadian element in product development. The SeaSpider ATT will combine the best technology and decades of experience of ATLAS and Magellan – the expertise of ATLAS in Germany with torpedoes as well as submarine and naval systems – and the industry leading rocket technology of Magellan in Canada. ATLAS Canada is positioned to manage and support test and trials activity in Canada for ATLAS Germany and will provide final assembly and logistics services during serial production of the SeaSpider ATT.

«The partnership between ATLAS and Magellan will bring to market an innovative new torpedo defence system that will be the first of its kind, in this growing market», said Mr. Haydn Martin, Magellan’s Vice President, Business Development, Marketing and Contracts. «We welcome the opportunity to collaborate in this exciting new endeavor with the ATLAS Group».

«The SeaSpider ATT is a key element of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK’s global market strategy and this agreement with Magellan Aerospace signifies our commitment to grow our activities in Canada», said Michael Ozegowski, CEO of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH. «We expect SeaSpider to revolutionize torpedo defence and AntiSubmarine Warfare».

«With such a significant share of the SeaSpider ATT product and its development in Canada we are positioned to participate in a new and innovative product and grow our presence with jobs all across Canada while providing the Royal Canadian Navy and the global defence market with essential underwater defence capabilities», said Rick Gerbrecht, Managing Director of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Canada Ltd. «Magellan Aerospace is the ideal partner for us».

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