Latvian Carl Gustav

To strengthen the combat capabilities and ensure sufficient ammunition stock in the National Armed Forces, including the National Guard, Ministry of Defence ordered EUR 16.2 million worth of 84-mm calibre ammunition for Carl Gustav rocket launchers on 29 August.

Ministry of Defence orders Carl Gustav anti-tank recoilless rifle ammunition
Ministry of Defence orders Carl Gustav anti-tank recoilless rifle ammunition

First batches of ammunition will arrive in 2019.

According to an agreement signed by Ministry of Defence and Swedish Defence Procurement Agency (Swedish Defence Materiel Administration) earlier this year, Latvia has become a part of joint procurement of Carl Gustav anti-tank ammunition from SAAB Dynamics AB.

The agreement on Joint Carl Gustav anti-tank ammunition purchase is signed between Sweden, Estonia and Latvia for 7 years. The agreement enables National Armed Forces to purchase different Carl Gustav ammunition for its 84-mm anti-tank weapons. According to plans, additional procurements of ammunition will be implemented in future to improve combat capabilities and training efficiency of land force.

This procurement is the first cooperation initiative of defence procurement cooperation agreement concluded by Swedish and Latvian ministries of defence in January of 2017. Agreement forms the basis for joint defence procurements and other activities.

Until now, National Armed Forces procured necessary articles in scope of a five-year agreement, with optional two-year extension, concluded between SAAB Dynamics AB, European Defence Agency, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Poland in 2014. According to the agreement, European Defence Agency coordinated procurement activities and acted as the lead partner in procurement projects.

Carl Gustav anti-tank recoilless rifle, or grenade launcher, is a crucial asset of land forces. It is a vital element of anti-tank and anti-infantry defence, widely used by a number of NATO member states, including the USA and the Baltic States.

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