SIHAM3 Unveiled at IDEX

At IDEX 2017, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) company Siham Al Khaleej Technology (SAKT), together with Leonardo and MBDA are presenting an innovative and cost-effective weapon system designated «SIHAM3», providing a comprehensive and stand-alone anti-air and anti-surface capability to all types of warships.

SIHAM3: a comprehensive Air & Surface Self-Defence Capability
SIHAM3: a comprehensive Air & Surface Self-Defence Capability

This industrial cooperation will be officially announced during IDEX 2017 and a mock-up of the system will be displayed at the SAKT booth, B-0004, at NAVDEX.

In particular, SAKT will be responsible for integration of the «SIHAM3» weapon system, which combines two Leonardo products: the OTO Marlin WS 30-mm Naval Gun and the Medusa MK4/B Electro-Optical Fire Control System (EO-FCS) providing a stand-alone capability to detect and track with high accuracy either air or surface targets. The system is completed with an MBDA Twin Air Defence Mistral missile launcher on a single mounting.

This new system will be fully controlled by a single operator and will allow for a significant reduction in the ship’s installation requirement thanks to a single mounted system.

A further evolution of the SIHAM3will allow integration with a Combat Management System (CMS).

This «Made in the UAE» system will be developed, produced, assembled and integrated by the three parties together.