New Sniper System

Heckler & Koch Defense Inc. was awarded a contract worth up to $44.5 million from the U.S. Army for a new compact sniper rifle. The Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System (CSASS) will provide the service with a small, lightweight, highly accurate weapon, addressing a critical need to replace older and heavier rifles currently in use.

Standard configuration
Standard configuration

Under terms of the award, HK Defense will produce up to 3,643 rifles. The new HK rifle is a lightweight variant of the 7.62-mm G28 in use by the German Army. The HK CSASS capitalizes on the proven G28 and HK417 designs, meeting the U.S. Army’s requirements for accuracy, reliability, size, and weight. Heckler & Koch will also provide spare parts, support, and training to the U.S. Army.

Patrol configuration
Patrol configuration

«This award represents another significant achievement for Heckler & Koch», said Wayne Weber, President of Heckler & Koch USA. «The HK CSASS rifle is a substantial upgrade over the U.S. Army’s current sniper rifles, enhancing accuracy and reliability while providing for a handier, more compact arm. It also confirms Heckler & Koch as a leader in providing small arms to the U.S. military».

G28 with night vision sight qioptiq Merlin-LR (Long Range)
G28 with night vision sight qioptiq Merlin-LR (Long Range)

According to Daniel Wasserbly, IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly correspondent, the CSASS will more effectively execute a broad spectrum of missions than the current M110. The CSASS will provide the following upgrades: improved reliability, improved accuracy, and improved ergonomics; reduced weight and length; advanced coatings; improved optics; reduced felt recoil; enhanced suppressor performance; enhanced modular rail capabilities; an improved bipod, trigger, pistol grip, and butt-stock.

G28 with thermal sight L3-insight CNVD-T3
G28 with thermal sight L3-insight CNVD-T3


Technical data

Calibre 7.62-mm × 51 NATO
Modes of fire Semi Auto Only *
Barrel length **/configuration 420 mm (16.5“)/Hammer forged, chrome plated
Twist length NATO 305 mm/12“
Upper receiver Steel
Trigger pull ca. 25-28 N
Muzzle velocity/energy *** ca. 780 m/s – 3000 J
Functional and ballistic compatibility NATO standard rounds AB22 (FMJ)/AB24 (Tracer)/Selected accuracy rounds with bullet weights up to 12.3 g (190 gr) ****
Gas regulation for suppressor use Two stage design (suppressed/unsuppressed)
Universal interface STANAG 4694 (NATO Accessory Rail) *****
Colour concept RAL-8000 green-brown
Ammunition type Accuracy Rounds (OTM/HPBT/Sierra Match King)
No. of rounds 10
Range 100 m
Measuring method Bullet hole centre to bullet hole centre
Maximum dispersion < 45 mm (ca. 1.5 MOA) – Guaranteed with every G28 rifle
Telescopic sight up to 800 m Schmidt & Bender PMII 3-20 × 50/DMR reticle according to international Mildot standard/Full reticle illumination/Laserfilter DIN-EN 207-L4/paralax compensation
Telescopic sight up to 600 m Schmidt & Bender PMII 1-8 × 24/DMR reticle according to international Mildot standard/Full reticle illumination/Laserfilter DIN-EN 207-L4/Combined red dot and reticle illumination
Red dot sight Aimpoint Micro T1
Laser light module Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics LLM-225
Night vision sight Qioptiq Merlin Long Range
Thermal sight L3-Insight CNVD-T3 ******
Laser Range Finder Jenoptik HLR15
Height of sight radius ca. 38 mm
Transportation case Peli 1770-010-195E01 NF / CARAMELC010286

* No full auto conversion option

** Other barrel lengths in preparation

*** With NATO standard round AB22 – M80

**** No general functional guarantee for non-NATO standardised rounds; HK recommendation: functional and ballistic customer acceptance test with the G28 at ammunition manufacturers

***** Full backward compatibility with MIL-STD-1913 rail

****** Also usable as stand-alone sight