C295W for Canada

On January 12, 2015, following the submission of their proposal for Canada’s Fixed Wing Search And Rescue (FWSAR) replacement program; Airbus Defence and Space and Provincial Aerospace formally announced the establishment of AirPro SAR Services (AirPro).

Airbus has teamed with Provincial Aerospace under the AirPro banner to jointly offer the C295W turboprop transport for Canada’s long-delayed Fixed-Wing Search And Rescue competition (Airbus photo)
Airbus has teamed with Provincial Aerospace under the AirPro banner to jointly offer the C295W turboprop transport for Canada’s long-delayed Fixed-Wing Search And Rescue competition (Airbus photo)

AirPro is a joint venture that, upon contract award, will be the Canadian In-Service Support (ISS) integrator of the FWSAR C295W fleet for the life of its service in Canada. As the FWSAR ISS integrator, AirPro is a critical component of the companies’ proven, reliable, and low-risk solution. Airbus Defence and Space offers Canada a single point of accountability for the life of the program, combining the deep experience of both partners through AirPro.

«AirPro brings together Provincial Aerospace and Airbus Defence and Space as the Canadian ISS integrator in our proposal for the FWSAR program», said Antonio Rodriguez-Barberan, Senior Vice-President Commercial, Special Projects for Airbus Defence and Space. «Both companies successfully deliver ISS services around the world and we are excited to combine our experience and expertise to bid an optimal solution for Canada. The C295W ISS model is used by more than 20 operators around the world and has a proven track record of maximizing mission success. If the Airbus Defence and Space offer is selected, AirPro will utilize this trusted ISS model and combine it with deep domestic experience to ensure the best and most cost effective solution for Canada throughout the entirety of this program. AirPro brings together two world-class companies for the benefit of Canadian industry».

«AirPro is a joint venture that reflects the Airbus Defence and Space commitment to Canadian Industry», said Provincial Aerospace CEO Brian Chafe. The skills and technology required to service Canadian C295W aircraft will reside in Canada with Canadians who will complete the work required over the lifetime of the FWSAR program. Provincial Aerospace brings significant ISS experience to AirPro and is providing ISS services to similar missionized military and paramilitary aircraft domestically and internationally.

These aircraft have collectively accumulated over 250,000 hours of flying time in challenging operational environments such as Canada’s Maritime and Arctic environments. «The domestic and global ISS experience that we bring to AirPro will ensure that Canada is able to maximize DND’s mission success, ensuring reliable aircraft are ready to help Canadians in need», added Jake Trainor, Chief Operating Officer for Provincial Aerospace.

The C295 is the market leader in its class with more than 165 units sold worldwide to over 20 operators. It serves a broad range of critical and challenging requirements including search and rescue, maritime patrol, and troop transport. In addition to Airbus Defence and Space and Provincial Aerospace, the C295W team includes a number of other leading and export oriented Canadian companies, such as Pratt and Whitney Canada, CAE, and L3 Wescam. The C295W program is immersed in Canadian technology, products, and services.

«The C295W is the best plane for Canada’s needs and is exceeding expectations with air forces around the world», concluded Barberan. «We are excited to have submitted our bid for Canada’s new fleet of Search and Rescue aircraft. AirPro offers Canada and Canadian industry a unique opportunity to capitalize upon the global experience of Airbus Defence and Space and Provincial Aerospace».



Overall Length 24.50 m/80 feet 3 inch
Overall Height 8.65 m/28 feet 5 inch
Wing Span 25.81 m/84 feet 8 inch
Cargo Hold Length (ramp excluded) 12.70 m/41 feet 8 inch
Cargo Hold Height 1.90 m/6 feet 3 inch
Cargo Hold Width 2.70 m/8 feet 10 inch
Cargo Hold Volume 64 m3/2,260 feet3
Maximum Take Off Weight 23,200 kg/51,000 lbs
Maximum Landing Weight 23,200 kg/51,000 lbs
Internal Fuel Weight 6,150 kg/13,600 lbs
Maximum Payload 9,250 kg/20,400 lbs
Engine (×2)
Pratt & Whitney PW-127G 2,645 shp (up to 2,920 shp with Auxiliary Power Reserve, APR)/1,970 kW
Maximum Operating Altitude 9,100 m/30,000 feet
Maximum Cruise Speed (TAS*) 260 knots/299 mph/480 km/h
Range with Maximum Payload (9,250 kg/20,400 lbs) 700 NM/1,300 km
Range with 6,000 kg/13,200 lbs Payload 2,000 NM/3,700 km
Range with 3,000 kg/6,600 lbs Payload 2,500 NM/4,600 km
Maximum Range (Ferry) 2,900 NM/5,400 km

* The true airspeed (TAS; also KTAS, for Knots True AirSpeed) of an aircraft is the speed of the aircraft relative to the airmass in which it is flying