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Over the last 30 years, Beretta USA Corporation has delivered over 600,000 M9 pistols (the sidearm of the U.S. Armed Forces) to the Department of Defense (DoD), all of which have been made in the U.S.A. by an American Workforce. On 10 December 2014 Beretta USA submitted to the U.S. Army the new pistol M9 ECP (Engineering Change Proposal) that identifies major improvements to the M9 to increase the operational effectiveness and operational suitability of the weapon. These improvements consist of design and material changes resulting in increased modularity, reliability, durability, and ergonomics.

Beretta M9A3
Beretta M9A3

Beretta USA has also identified a solution to upgrade the existing M9 to an M9A2, nearly replicating the M9A3. The M9A3 features a thin grip with a removable, modular wrap-around grip, MIL-STD-1913 accessory rail, convertible safety/decocker lever to decocker-only lever, removable front and rear tritium sights, extended and threaded barrel for suppressor use, 17-round sand resistant magazine, and numerous improved small components to increase durability and ergonomics, all in an earth tone finish.

The M9A3:

  • requires no new training for users;
  • is compatible with numerous, already-in-service accessories and training systems;
  • minimally impacts the current Integrated Logistics Support Plan (ILSP) for the M9;
  • is more reliable, capable, and durable than the M9;
  • depending on quantities, will cost less than the current M9.

New, enhanced 9 mm ammunition is available on the market today. This ammunition, along with any developmental 9 mm ammunition, should be evaluated for use with the M9A3. In the U.S. Army’s own survey of M9 users, 74% offered recommendations for improvements to the pistol – improvements that are available on the M9A3 today. Small arms program representatives of the U.S. Army have identified and verbalized several concerns regarding ergonomics and performance aspects of the M9; Beretta USA has listened and delivered the M9A3.

The improvements include design and material enhancements resulting in increased modularity, reliability, durability, and ergonomics
The improvements include design and material enhancements resulting in increased modularity, reliability, durability, and ergonomics



Caliber:                               9 mm Luger (9×19 mm Parabellum)

System of operation:  Short recoil, semiautomic, double/single action

Magazine capacity:     17 rounds standard. Optional 15, 20 and 30 round magazines available

Magazine:                          Sand-resistant magazine with PVD coating

Front sight:                       Blade, dovetailed to slide, tritium dot

Rear sight:                         Notched bar, dovetailed to slide, tritium 2-dot. Adjustable for windage

Safety features:             Decocking/safety lever, automatic firing pin block, loaded chamber indicator, external hammer, half-cock notch, double action first trigger pull (Type F configuration)

Locking system:            Tilting locking block, «3rd Gen» design for increased service life

External hammer:       Provides the energy to the firing pin, virtually eliminating the possibility of misfires due to light primer strikes, even in adverse conditions. Also provides an immediate visual and tactile indicator as to the cocked/uncocked status of the pistol

Finish:                                Flat Dark Earth. CerakoteTM, anodizing, Bruniton, black oxide, PVD. Advanced coatings provide high lubricity, corrosion resistance and excellent wear resistance. Reduced visual and IR signature. Chrome lined bore and chamber

Accessory rail:             Three slot MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail

Barrel thread:              1/2″ X 28 standard thread on extended barrel, with thread protector

Accessories:                  Wrap-around backstrap grip unit for larger handed shooters

Grip/frame:                  «Vertec» style smaller gripped frame with straight backstrap and thin plastic grips

Additional features: «Universal» slide design to allow Armorer conversion to «G» decocker-only operation using Conversion Kit. «Over-center» safety lever to prevent inadvertent engagement of lever. Oversize beveled magazine well

Overall height:            5.4 in/13.7 cm

Overall width:             1.5 in/3.8 cm (1.3 in/3.3 cm at grips)

Overall length:            8.7 in/22 cm

Barrel length:              5.1 in/13 cm

Sight radius:                 6.3 in/16 cm

Weight unloaded:     33.3 oz/944 g

M9A3 is compatible with numerous, already-in-service accessories
M9A3 is compatible with numerous, already-in-service accessories


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